Time and Attendance

Automated Time and Attendance Tracking System

Streamline your time and attendance processes to easily manage time collection, accruals, and employee schedules while staying compliant with FLSA and overtime laws.

The Supervisor Experience

Managers can choose which quick-view Dashboards to enable on the Home tab. Dashboards provide easy access to essential tasks and data. The Time Card Exceptions widget allows supervisors to manage by exception, without looking at each employee’s time card each day. By clicking into the graph, supervisors can easily see exceptions (e.g. missed punches, late arrivals, etc.) and address them as needed. The Time Card Approvals and Leave Requests widgets to enable fast access to action items. Besides appearing on the Dashboard, these items can also be sent to the supervisor by email. Tasks like time card approvals can even be automated with timely email reminders..

Effectively manage employees’ time and attendance and track productivity trends, all in one place. In the Employee List, supervisors have access to a real-time on-premise dashboard. This area also provides access to view or edit an individual employee’s time card, schedule, or profile.

Supervisors can also:

Create schedules for employees and edit them on-the-fly 

Create patterns for schedules, for groups of employees who work at similar times 

Browse employees’ time cards and change them as necessary 

View accrual balances that are automatically calculated and updated in real-time

Check on which leave requests have been processed for the month when deciding whether to approve or deny an employee’s request 

 Track a points or occurrence-based attendance policy, at no additional cost to you 

Run customizable reports on any time and attendance data 

Schedule reports to run automatically 

The Employee Experience

Easy to use self-service solutions keep employees engaged in time and attendance tracking.  The web portal makes it easy for employees to view their time cards, request time off, and more.  Employees can view their timesheet and their weekly schedule, check accrual balance, review their point balance, see the total time worked in the pay period, and run a timesheet report.

A monthly calendar view provides an at-a-glance view of who has requested off on certain days so employees can check work shift coverage before requesting time off. Employees can electronically request time off. Requests are submitted to the supervisor via email and also appear on the supervisor’s dashboard. Once approved, the time off request appears on the calendar view and the employee’s timesheet, and the employee receives email confirmation when the request has been processed.

The Mobile App

The free mobile app provides all the same functionality as the web portal in a convenient smartphone app. Employees can punch in and out, review their punch history, view their time cards, enter leave requests, view their schedule, and check their accrual balance.
The mobile app recognizes where an employee is when punching in and out and will log the employee’s GPS position for supervisors to review. Additionally, supervisors can enable the photo feature, which requires employees to take a photo of themselves at the work site when clocking in and out.
With crew clocking, a supervisor or crew leader can clock multiple employees in at once. If employees do not have access to smartphones, but the supervisor does, this option is a time-saving way to capture all present employees at once.

Time Collection Options

Time Collection Options Ensure easy, accurate time tracking with a variety of time clocks and punch methods to meet any need.

TC Basic

The TC Basic provides basic time clock functionality, including the ability to punch in and out with a PIN number, a proximity card, or a biometric reader to prevent buddy punching.


If there is no need for on-site hardware, employees can simply use the Asure Time & Attendance website to punch in and out. Additional time management features make web time collection an engaging and efficient option for employees.

Mobile App

The free mobile app, available for both iPhone and Android, empowers employees to track their time from anywhere, at any time. With geo-positioning functionality, supervisors can ensure employees are on-site when punching in and out. Employees can also review their time cards and accrual balance and enter time-off requests.