HR Software

HR Software

We will set up and implement our software and then manage your HR department utilizing our complete HR software platform to give you and your employees all the advantages of this best-in-class HR software.  This software includes everything that your business will need including, HR administration, applicant tracking, onboarding, performance reviews, and benefits management, and it integrates with our payroll and time and attendance to help streamline all your HR functions. This software is also cloud-based so you will have complete access to it at all times keeping you as engaged as you would like to be.  We will set up and implement your company on this software and then manage all your HR functions through this software.  Our software is an intuitive, all-in-one platform solution designed to empower employees and their organizations throughout their employment life cycle. It is a single application with one database that will increase efficiency, eliminates redundancy, and maximizes employee productivity.

HR Administration

A single source to keep and track all your companies HR information plus a whole lot more. Conduct employee search, post company news, and announcements, important website links. From here, an administrator can also track employee information such as position and organizational changes with reasons and effective dates, performance reviews, statuses, scores, notes, employee documents, certifications/licenses documentation, and more.

Applicant Tracking

This helps you simplify and streamline all aspects of the hiring process. From defining the application process, creating custom job application questions and custom email templates to monitoring and tracking the applicant’s progress. You can easily track each applicant’s progress, as well as, you can even search the applicant database for keywords or skills.

New Hire Onboarding

Create unlimited onboarding task lists for new hires which can be monitored on the administrative onboarding dashboard. Self-service onboarding for a new hire includes e-signatures for the electronic W-4 and I-9 Forms, consent documents, and direct deposit elections.

Performance Tracking

Create and define unlimited performance reviews by employee (annual, 90-day, etc) and track the performance review scheduled dates and completion status. Reminders are visible in the ESS Dashboard and the employee results are recorded along with any supporting documentation to review.

Benefits Management

It is easy to create and maintain benefit plan setups as well as employee benefit elections. Defining Eligibility groups and waiting periods, in addition to viewing / approving open enrollment benefit elections, makes benefits administration a breeze.

Benefits enrollment (medical, dental, and vision) right from the employee dashboard makes benefit elections simple for the employee and decreases the amount of time HR has to spend entering employee data.


Email notifications, reminders, and alerts keep administrators, managers, and employees updated on activities in the system and items pending approval.

Employee and Manager Self-Service Dashboard

Everything is at the employee’s fingertips – from viewing company announcements, accessing company documents and important links to related websites, along with accessing their pay stubs, tax documents, and HR documents. Employees can view reminders of certifications and license expirations, their PTO balance, benefits enrollment, and even report a life event – all in one spot.