HR Audit

HR Audit

First, we will do a full scope Human Resources Audit providing your business with a complete understanding of where your HR department stands and where are the areas that need some improvement. We will effectively uncover & resolve liability issues before they become a problem with voluntary review and analysis of outdated or nonexistent policies in order to expose the weaknesses in your HR procedures and minimize the risk of expensive mistakes. Then we will build a custom HR action plan to achieve complete compliance and incorporate best practices to help your business perform better and help eliminate future issues. Included in every full scope HR Compliance Audit is a comprehensive & complete review of the following:

Ensure legal compliance help eliminate costly fines

Reduce risk of potential costly employee litigation

Ensure the company is using industry best practices

Identify specific areas in which HR functions need additional support

Improve administrative and operational efficiency

Help attract and keep the best employees

Reduces human resource cost through more effective human resource procedure

Improves the professional image of the human resource department.


Job Descriptions

HR related documentation and forms (Applications, Separation Checklists, etc.)

Hiring Practices

Applicant tracking

New Hire Orientation

Wage and Hour/Pay Practices/FLSA regulation

Benefits and Compensation

Safety & Workers Compensation

Training and Development

Performance Management

Rewards and Recognition

Communication and Culture

Separation of Employment