Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks are not only necessary for any size business but one of the most important communication tools to your employees. Employee handbooks should be a staple to any business, large or small. An employee handbook acts as a valuable communication piece for both employers and employees. It relays important information such as the history of a company, the organization’s mission and vision, policies, procedures, and benefits. Employers clearly communicate to the employees regarding how they should behave and what is expected of them. Once the employees understand their responsibilities, they have a reference point for how to execute their job and maintain discipline. It also communicates important state and federal laws surrounding employment.

We create custom handbook for your organization

Protect your business- clearly stating policies and procedures can help prevent costly litigation and prevent liability

Helps protect Your business against disgruntled employees

Employee handbooks are necessary to remain compliant with HR laws and regulations

Employee handbooks are a go-to resource for employees

The groundwork for company culture beings with an employee handbook

Introduces employees to your culture, mission and values

Communicates to employees what is expected of them

Educates employees about what they can expect from management and leadership

Helps ensure key company policies are clearly and consistently communicated

Showcases the benefits you offer

Helps defend against employee claims

Ensures compliance with federal and state laws

Let’s employees know where to turn for help

Employee Handbook Introduction

Welcome letter

About this handbook

Bring your own device (byod) policy

Unpaid personal leave policy

Benefits quick look (summary of benefit plans including paid time off policies)

Benefits narrative Summary (separate section with detailed benefits overview)

Paid time off and leave of absence policies

Other company or industry specific policies


Introduction(Including company missions, values and culture)




Polices (time off, dress, harassment etc.)


Compensation & benefits